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Do Your Part for our Planet

There are many things we all can do to slow climate change [which is essentially the emission of carbon dioxide and related gases]. Work to:

  • Improve insulation on housing
  • Install efficient water heating systems that don't run 24/7
  • Install solar
  • Install battery energy storage systems at the home and utility level
  • Drive battery electric vehicles (142MPG is impossible with combustion engines and they can never be run on renewable energy, so they just have to go. They are *the* efficiency bottleneck of the transportation system. I've been driving an EV since May 2019 and logging all the stats in my EV energy and costs spreadsheet, I hope you find it helpful in making your decision to switch to an EV.
  • Move to reusables instead of consumable (drinking bottles, utensils, etc)

It's not hard and they all make a HUGE difference to keep our planet Green and Clear Blue.

If you or your family are still buying crates of plastic water bottles please join me by buying a filter pitcher for your refrigerator, a vacuum insulated bottle to drink out of and a nice bottle brush to easily clean those last two. Together, we can keep the oceans blue.